Luxury Tent

TENTICKLE Stretch tents have developed a brand new and ingenious tent solution designed specifically for the luxury camping market. The result is a luxury tent that is second to none. A revolutionary fusion of technology and style. A customized product that the state-of-the-art TENTICKLE Tentflex fabric with a fully enclosed PVC floor.

The result is a revolutionary fusion of technology and style

The customizable side panels are combined ripstop canvas, rubberized mosquito netting and clear PVC. The durable stretch tent roof is 100% waterproof, UV resistant, optional fire retardant and resists winds up to 45 knots. Teflon-coated Tentflex fabric has become very popular for semi-rigid installations due to its long-term waterproofing in even the harshest weather conditions.

Luxus Zelt von Tentickle. Ein Stretchzelt wie kein anderes.

Especially for tropical climate and high humidity zones, all fabrics are impregnated with anti-fungal treatment. Only high quality Velcro and zippers are used to ensure a 100% insect free environment.

Suitable for semi-permanent installations or long term camping –

Fully enclosed with customizable side panels and floor tarp -.

100% Insect Free Living Space –

Panoramic views –

wind and weather resistant –

Environmentally friendly –

indescribable living climate –

Luxus Zelt von Tentickle. Ein Stretchzelt wie kein anderes.

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