The stretch tent

A tent system that has proven itself in the ancient culture of the Bedouins for so long, is then as now a shapely and practical way to create space. Tentickle tents are a high tech evolution of the classic Bedouin tent. They are made of a material that is 100% waterproof, UV resistant, almost untearable and stretchable. Due to the stretchability, such a tent is also called “stretch tent”. The revolution lies in the combination of the beauty, waterproofness and stretchability of the material.

Der Pionier des Stretchzeltes. Tentickle!Due to the ductility, the tents can be built under high tension, and as a result, natural, fluid and organic shapes emerge on their own. Thus, each stretch tent can be erected in a very short time and in countless variations and individually adapted to your project. That is why they are great for demanding customers who require a custom solution or for situations where a conventional tent is not possible.

Tentickle is the only manufacturer of stretch tents that has managed to combine the properties of light transmission, maximum stretch, stability, organic texture and fire protection.

Der Pionier des Stretchzeltes. Tentickle!

Tentickle tent systems are available for rent or purchase. Special designs and printing are also possible.

The tent material is woven and available in various colors all tastefully coordinated for a feel-good ambience. The texture and the colors of the Tentickle tents are what finally allow to offer their guests not only shelter, but also a noble atmosphere. Tentickle tents live up to the uniqueness and significance of your occasion on all levels.

Stretch tents are the only large tents that can playfully handle any terrain. So they can be easily built on houses, on the boat, in hills, on roofs or your garden.

Der Pionier des Stretchzeltes. Tentickle! Wasserdicht!

Der Pionier des Stretchzeltes. Tentickle! UV Resistent!

Der Pionier des Stretchzeltes. Tentickle! Feuerfest!

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