Put up the first tentickle in Switzerland in 2010 and has been passionate about stretch tents ever since.

He is involved in your project from planning to implementation and, with his years of construction experience, always finds a suitable solution.

Jan Buchmeier


Has been on the management team since its inception in 2012.

She is the "administrative fairy" and, as a mother of four children, brings with her the necessary composure that is needed in the event business.

Manuela Buchmeier


After several previous projects, permanently with the company since 2016.

He keeps order in the warehouse, draws tentickle constructions and builds them right away, a true all-rounder.

Patrick Bättig

Saison Team

Besides many good freelancers and friends who are always there for us, we are especially happy about these four employees. They have adopted the reliability and flexibility of a tentickle, contributing to a successful operation.

Tentickle Team

Switzerland renting

Stadelmatt 1
6331 Hünenberg
044 508 53 03

Switzerland sale

Village street 58
8933 Maschwanden
044 508 53 03


Robert Naescher
Rte de la ZI du Verney 4
1070 Puidoux

021 803 00 01

Eastern Switzerland

Daniel Camen
Zelgstrasse 14
9320 Arbon

079 626 21 89

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