General Terms and Conditions Rent

Rental object

The subject matter of the rental is in each case the items listed in the delivery bill / offer, including accessories. The lessee shall inspect the rental object upon handover and claim any defects immediately, otherwise the rental object shall be deemed to be in perfect condition.

Use of the leased property

The leased property may only be used by the lessee by suitable and instructed operating personnel for the intended use and with due care. The Lessee shall comply with the operating instructions and safety regulations. The rental equipment must be kept in a guarded environment during the entire rental period.


Tentickle Schweiz AG retains ownership of the rental object including accessories and small materials. Only what is expressly designated as such shall be considered consumable material.

Rental period

Unless expressly agreed otherwise, the rental period shall be measured in days and shall be based on the agreed period of use. The minimum rental period is one day.


In the event of cancellation of an agreed rental relationship, the lessee shall owe Tentickle Schweiz AG compensation without proof of damage and subject to the assertion of further damages in accordance with the following rates:

Cancellation up to 4 weeks before the start of the rental period: 25 % of the total rental amount Cancellation up to 10 days before the start of the rental period: 50 % of the total rental amount Cancellation up to 3 days before the start of the rental period: 75 % of the total rental amount Cancellation later than 3 days before the start of the rental period: 100 % of the total rental amount

Staff / Catering / Hotel

The catering of the present personnel is at the expense of the client, per production day (max. 10 hours) and employee at least 1 warm meal as well as mineral water and coffee are to be provided as required. If helpers of the organizer are agreed in the offer, the organizer will be charged an amount of SFr. 400.- per missing helper. Furthermore, in this case, no liability can be assumed by Tentickle Schweiz AG for the adherence to schedules. In case of necessary overnight stays, the organizer has to provide a single room in a nearby hotel for all Tentickle Schweiz AG employees. The costs shall be borne by the organizer.

Concessions, permits, etc.

The Lessee shall be responsible for obtaining all necessary permits, concessions, license rights and the like and shall bear all associated costs. If the rental object is confiscated or subject to a deposit due to violations by the renter in this regard, the renter shall be fully liable for damages to Tentickle Schweiz AG.

Liability of the tenant

The renter is liable for any damage or defect to the rented property that was not reported at the time of takeover. He is also liable for loss or destruction of the rental object. In such cases, the renter shall owe Tentickle Schweiz AG not only the full replacement or restoration value, but also any further damage incurred by Tentickle Schweiz AG.

Repair and maintenance

Any maintenance or repair work required on the rental object during the rental period may only be carried out by Tentickle Schweiz AG or a third party designated by Tentickle Schweiz AG.

Return of the rental object

The rental object is to be returned at the agreed time and place. In the event of late return, the lessee shall be liable for each day that has elapsed in accordance with the daily rates agreed for the rental without proof of damage by Tentickle Schweiz AG. Tentickle Switzerland AG reserves the right to claim further damages.

Defective returned rental objects

The renter is responsible for damaged material. All returned items will be inspected by Tentickle Switzerland AG. If a defect is found, Tentickle Schweiz AG reserves the right to take recourse against the renter within 3 days.

Modification of the leased property

The tenant is prohibited from making changes or having changes made to the rented property. In particular, he is prohibited from covering, altering or removing advertising or company lettering affixed to the leased property by Tentickle Schweiz AG.

Subletting and assignment

Unless otherwise agreed, the tenant is prohibited from assigning the lease to third parties or subletting the leased property.

Prices and conditions

The rental price and conditions are determined according to the cost summary/order confirmation. 50% of the rental price must be credited to the account of Tentickle Schweiz AG 10 working days before the start of the rental period. The remaining 50% must be paid in cash upon delivery of the goods or must be credited to the account of Tentickle Schweiz AG by the delivery date.

Insurance / Security

It is the responsibility of the renter to insure the items including accessories against all risks at his own expense.

Guy ropes, ground anchors, poles or other parts that the organizer or a safety officer deems to be a danger zone must be signaled or protected or cordoned off by the organizer. This is done after consultation with the company Tentickle Schweiz AG. The costs for this are to be borne by the operator/organizer. Any liability arising from personal injury or property damage caused by parts that are not signalized, protected or cordoned off is rejected.

Theft / Transport Damage

In case of theft or loss, the renter is always obliged to have a police report made. When transport damage is detected, the lessee must have the carrier make an inventory.

Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

Swiss law is applicable according to the Swiss Code of Obligations. The exclusive place of jurisdiction is Zug.

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